About us

House of Lamps features Red Mud who have been running a wholesale business, supplying the lighting industry, for many years, building up invaluable experience in designing, creating and manufacturing decorative lighting for the domestic and commercial sector. They create their own range of lamps, shades, furniture and gifts. Their products are made with a passion, each piece hand crafted and finished to order. They believe in quality, originality, service and value.

The shades are made in the UK at their workshops in Somerset where they also electrify, test and certify every lamp. This gives the flexibility to offer a wide choice of exclusive design options.

Finally we want to reassure you that a lot of time, passion and care goes into making and sending every piece on our website. House of lamps hope you love your selection.
If you would like to know a bit more about how they came into being, here is a brief history of "Red Mud" and therefore why "House of Lamps" was started.

Thank you for looking at our website. Please feel free to email or call to discuss your order.

The History of Red Mud

Red Mud began in 1988 by importing unusual pottery, carvings and terracotta (hence their name) from around the world and sold at both Camden and Portobello markets in London.

As the stalls became more popular, they also began selling to a few local shops and so decided to expand and become a wholesale business.

The idea to convert the elegant vases and pots into lamps was an immediate success which cemented Red Mud as a viable trade operation. Red Mud had found its niche; beautiful table lamps, especially large, statement pieces.

The next step was to start designing their own products, tailored to their specific market; original, elegant lamps for the home and business. Over the next few years they put together an amazing team of like minded partners to help create their design led lighting, furniture and gifts.

The final step in the jigsaw was making their own shades. In 2005 they bought a small shade making business and now design & manufacture all their shades, at their production base in Templecombe, Somerset.

In 2007 they opened a showroom in Sherborne, Dorset to offer the local community their unique lighting service; lamp, shades, repairs & conversions.

The collection grows each year, with new and interesting creations added all the time (the cool bit of the job!).

Everyone who is involved with Red Mud wants you to love your purchase and to reassure you that a lot of time, passion and care goes into making every piece.

Thank you for looking at our website, Jane & Patrick Maunsell