Lamp Repairs Information

Repair your lamp or Convert your item?
Because we design and manufacture lighting we can repair most lamps (the electrical part) or convert almost any item into a table lamp (e.g a Vase, Champagne Bottle or Wood Carving). We believe in recycling and repairing where possible. 
How it works
We offer an easy to use repair/conversion service. Either drop off your lamp or object for convertion at our shop in Sherborne or our work shops in Templecombe, or send your item to us, via our courier. If you deliver in person we will quote on the spot. If you are further afield you can send a picture and we will give you a guide price quote (minimum & maximum cost). If acceptable we will send in our courier to collect then return to you, nice and simple.
Repair Guide Price 
We can repair most lamp bases by replacing the electrical parts, flex, plug and lamp holder, and tighten any loose fittings as necessary. We don't offer a repair service for the body of the lamp e.g if the ceramic or metal stem is broken we can't put it back together, please have that part mended before giving to us. All items are tested for safety and certified prior to return. Guide costs are £25 to £40 to fix most modern table lamps. Antique and unusual items £45 to £65. Standard lamps £45 to £55. You can also up grade the fittings, for example by using silk braided cable or a nickel or antiqued brass lamp holder, please ask for details. See photos below for a selection of items we have repaired.
Conversion Guide Price 
We can turn most objects into your personalised table lamp. Guide costs are £45 to £65 to convert most medium sized, ceramic or pottery, vase shaped object. We convert by sandwiching your vase between a brass top disc and bottom foot (the base foot is optional) - see photos - maximum opening aperture and base diameter, 20cm/8"). Unusual items, like glass or wood, £45 to £65. Fragile items, like glass and valuable/brittle ceramics will not be drilled, instead we bring the cable back out at the top of lamp with a specially designed brass fitting, see photos (alternatively you can have a flex hole drilled at your local glazier prior to sending, please ask our advise before drilling). You can also enhance the look of you new lamp by colour coordinating the cable and or fittings, please ask for details. 
If your lamp or object for conversion also needs a new or replacement shade we can do a shade fitting at our showroom or, once the item is repaired/converted, we can send you pictures of a selection of our shades for you to choose, then return your lamp complete with shade. Please see photos below and the shade section of our website for an idea of the styles we offer and prices.
Although every care is taken not to damage your item for repair or conversion we cannot guarantee it will not be damaged whilst we are working on it, for example there may be a hairline crack in the ceramic which will break under the pressure of attaching the replacement fittings, or the old fittings have been glued in and cannot be removed without damaging the object. We will always talk to you before starting work if we think there is a chance it might break to explain the situation and to get your feedback). We cannot therefore take any liability if your item is damaged or broken whist being repaired or converted, please therefore take out any appropriate insurance as you see fit. If you use our courier services it is up to you to pack it with extra care and attention and declare its value and if necessary take out additional breakage insurance to cover it in transit. We are not liable for your item being damaged/broken/lost whilst in transit, liability will be with the courier.